Combi Oven

MACQUINO professional combi oven bring an amazing reliability and sturdiness at the chef’s service. They are designed for large and small catering businesses and conceived for ever more demanding chefs who follow the transformation of taste and the quality of an authentic Made in Italy product.

  • Technical Details

MACQUINO professional combi ovens with direct steam injection are available from 7 to 12 levels (GN 1/1 and EN) with Analog or Touch screen controls.Designed for professional use, they come in electric and gas variants with crosswise insertion of the trays, meant for chefs who expect the optimal performances both in gastronomy and pastry cooking

MACQUINO combi oven help you achieve the best results on air and heat distribution inside the cooking chamber, ensuring constant and perfectly even cooking results on every tray, at any level. Use of advanced technology ensures efficiency, safety and endurance

Cooking has never been so quick and easy as with the MACQUINO S- line. A large 7” touch screen display with an easy and intuitive graphic interface makes the MACQUINO the most powerful and reliable kitchen tool. Endless cooking modes, from ΔT to sous vide, 5-speed motor and multipoint core probe together with a USB port and an auto diagnostic system able to receive remote assistance make MACQUINO the combi oven with an intelligent soul.

    Capacity System

  • Capacity system Touch Screen panel
  • High sensitivity level
  • Excellent impact and scratch proof performance
  • Increased tolerance against solvents or chemical substances